Our Sustainable Farming Story

Sustainable Farming at AJ's Happy Chick Farm

Sustainable farming is our way of life.

AJ’s Happy Chick Farm began as a way to celebrate the life of  AJ Dedona, a truly remarkable soul who touched many lives around him. For 10 years AJ’s Happy Chick Farm operated as a hobby farm in Westchester, NY, selling a variety of fowl, and organic produce and canned goods. In 2016, after years of planning, AJHC relocated to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, to a 140 acre mountain-side property known locally as the Sinon Homestead wich was first established by the family in 1892 after arriving by oxen.   

AJHC is whats known as a mixed farm producing a large variety of goods of very high quality but in small quantities. We believe in self sustainable methods striving to lessen any  negative impact our presence may have on this planet and its ecosystem. Presently we have the following products produced on farm available seasonally 


  • Certified organic maple syrup and maple products
  • Finnsheep fleece, fiber and yarn products (certified organic available soon) 
  • Registered Finnsheep 
  • Registered maremma LGD puppies 
  • Pasture raised Lamb meat (certified organic available soon) 
  • Pasture raised beef 
  • Canned jams, jellies, sauces, and relishes
  • Custom slabs and dimensional hard wood lumber from our forest management harvest
AJ's Happy Chick Farm - Albany, VT