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    Finn Sheep Ram Lambs for Sale

    Our 2021 ram lambs are no longer available.

    Email us to inquire about lambs.

    Finn Sheep

    • Originally known as Finnish Landrace in their native land of Finland, first came to North America in 1966. Finns are an old breed, thought to have descended several hundred years ago from flocks in the mountains of Sardinia and Corsica. Finns are related to other Scandinavian short tailed sheep.
    • They are a highly adaptable, docile sheep of a medium size. The fleece is soft and luxurious, coming in several natural colors and sought after by hand spinners. Although not large, the sheep produce a lean succulent meat with a light delicate flavor.
    • Finnish Landrace sheep are also known for being very reliable breeders, excellent mothers with lots of milk and it is common to have a minimum of triplets from each ewe.

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    Finnsheep ram lamb 2101 - AJ's Happy Chick Farm - Albany, VT
    Finnsheep ram lamb 2102
    Finnsheep ram lamb 2103
    Finnsheep ram lamb 2104
    Finnsheep ram lamb 2105
    Finnsheep ram lamb 2106