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“Susan’s /AJ’s Happy Chick Farm fleece was an absolute joy to work with. The quality of the fiber and care in keeping [her/their] sheep is obvious in the end product. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result coming off of our spinner.”

Amanda & Peggy

owners, Junction Fiber Mill

AJ’s Happy Chick Farm offers a limited selection of fleece and fiber from our Finnsheep for spinners (roving) as well as hand dyed and natural colored yarn for knitters.

Skirted Fleeces

Only the most meticulously skirted fleeces get offered up as raw fleece. Presently we are offering a fleece from Argon my brown badger registered Finn ram. Of all my sheep he produces the nicest fleece that regularly draws appreciative comments from my shearer.

Average staple is 5”

Fleece weight is 78 oz

Color is mixed producing a creamy white and beautiful beige


$167 + shipping for entire fleece


  • First shear lamb roving available in 4oz packages or custom weights starting at $5/oz – Super Soft!
  • $20 for natural 
  • $22 for dyed

Present colors available

  • Natural: charcoal grey, soft beige
  • Dyed: teal, electric blue

Yarn – Natural Colors

The yarn spun from our Finnsheep is exceptionally soft. Presently available is a gorgeous Bulky Aron, 3 ply, 100% wool, 700 yards/lb.

This yarn is particularly nice in hats & scarfs, baby clothing & gear, and blankets. The 3 ply is thick, and easy to work with making is a good choice for beginners and novices. The tags we place on each skein comes not only with the basic information, but the names of the sheep that produced it. All are cherished members of our farm. 

  • 4 oz skeins available in 3 natural colors 
  • $32 each
  • Beige
  • White
  • Steel Grey

Yarn – Hand-Dyed Colors

The following colors are available.

 $36 each 

Red – 4 skeins available

Dusty Heather – 2 skeins available

Berry – 3 skeins available

Lime Green – 4 skeins available

Khaki – 3 skeins available

Apricot – 2 skeins available

Teal – 4 skeins available

Haute Pink – 4 skeins available

We at AJHC proudly and appreciably use Junction Fiber Mill as our processor. Junction Fiber Mill is a wonderful woman owned and operated business in the heart of VT. All dying is done by Susan in small batches using all 3 of the natural yarns available allowing for variation in the coloring. Custom dying is available, send inquiries to Susan@AJsHappyChick.Farm

Certified organic fibers and yarns will be available 2023 

Lambskins & Goat hides 

Lambskins and Goat hides are available occasionally and will be listed here when in stock. All hides are preserved naturally, without harmful chemicals or metals. They are masterfully preserved by the wonderful women at Driftless Traditional Tannery. (Please insert link here) 

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