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Hi guys. Just wanted to send along my compliments on the most amazing lamb I have ever eaten!

We purchased 34 pounds of lamb from you and it is a smash hit. We started with the burger, making traditional shepherd’s pie.  With an adolescent boy in our family whose sole mission in life is to eat us out of house and home, we quickly discovered the necessity to make a double batch when we make it.  It simply doesn’t last. It is beyond flavorful and straight into succulent.

The real star of the show, however, was the roast leg of lamb we prepared for Easter dinner yesterday.  It was simply outstanding, and I went a little past medium rare (new oven coming soon). Carved easily, melted in our mouths. Meat this delicious simply doesn’t come from the mass market.  You can be rightfully proud of the good work you do, it shows in your product.

Looking forward to our next purchase

Be well


Around Christmas of 2021 my father sent an email to myself and siblings about getting some lamb to have at our family dinner. I replied, “yuck, I’m not eating that.” He asked why and I said that every time I have cooked it from a local butchery in Stowe for the 93 year-old gentleman that I take care of, it smells awful. The one time I took a sliver of it to taste, I spat it out and said, “never again”.

Despite my disinterest in having lamb, my father brought some to our family dinner, as everyone was willing to eat it. There were six adults and three kids who all had some and commented on how tender it was and quite tasty.  I forced myself, with a scrunched-up face, to try a bite, and I was quite surprised to find it quite good. By this time the meat was pretty much gone so I did not get a good size piece to try but I will say I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely try it again from Brian and Susan’s farm.

Local and delicious, can’t get any better than that.

Mariah J.

Pasture Raised Lamb and Grass-Fed Beef Available Seasonally 

An individual can purchase a whole lamb or a 1/2 a lamb to be custom cut and processed to order. This is seasonal and reserving your lamb ahead of harvest date is required. 

The cost is $12 per lb hanging weight  (average lamb weight of 30lb)

A standard whole lamb includes:
2 Racks of Lamb
8 Lamb Loin chops (4 pkgs of 2 chops)
4 Leg shanks 
2 Leg roasts 
2 Shoulder roast
2-4 lbs ground

Click here to reserve your 2022 pasture raised lamb available late November early December 2022

Certified Organic individual lamb cuts will be available starting December 2022 contact us for more information. 

Grass-Fed beef is available as a whole, half of 1/4  

custom cut and processed to order. 

$8 hanging weight (average weight 300-400 lbs)  

We are now reserving “shares” for February 2023 harvest 

  Pasture raised grass fed beef cuts are occasionally available contact us for more information.

*Here at AJHC farm we take slaughtering very seriously. All of our animals are raised from day one with nothing but love this includes those that, unfortunately, are destined to be harvested for consumption. We always welcome visitors to come and see everyone and get a sense of what this farm is about. 

Our lambs are born here in April and stay with their mothers until 4.5 months of age when the boys are moved over to pasture with the big boys (rams and wethers). They are on fresh grass moving every week from one pasture to another until November where they come into the barn and enjoy our 2nd cut hay and some certified organic grain (more as a treat than anything else) until their last day which comes without anxiety or stress. The meat is unlike any you will have had from your local grocer it is delicate and tender without the gaminess that is often associated with lamb. 

Our beef steers comes to us from local farmers. They arrive as day olds and are bottle fed and given organic grain as calves moving onto pasture with the herd by the late summer and raised on our certified organic hay in the winter. They all have wonderful lives full of multiple pastures, hordes of fall apples, and yummy treats. All this love and care comes though in the flavor and quality of the meat and is beef you can feel good about. 

Email us to place your order or to inquire.