“Seppe (Giuseppe Seppeloneous the Great) is a wonderful dog. We got him at eight weeks from Sue and right from the get go he was steadily calm but always curious and incredibly social for the breed. A great match for us as we’re beginning our small sheep farm and got Seppe a couple month before our lambs. He grew up in the house with a cat and our 15 year old dog, Homer, who still thinks he’s the boss. He learned how to accept other animals boundaries, got socialized with other dogs, and basic obedience skills as well. Now that he’s entered his career as a livestock guardian, it’s valuable to me that he listens to my commands – always eager to be a good dog. We take our sheep out on pasture daily and into the barn every night, so that Seppe basically has a workday, watching the sheep while they’re on pasture. In the evenings he’s then proud and exhausted and happy to be home with his family. Often he sleeps in our mudroom from where he has access to the outdoors at all times so that he guards the property and house as well. He’s a sweetheart and while he loves to socialize he never misses a bark when strangers try to get close to his flock. While we are aware that we’re raising our Maremma closer with the family than recommended in literature – for our 20 acres with a road crossing through we’re grateful that Seppe is distinguishing dangers competently.”