A year ago, my husband and I renewed our search for a new Maremma puppy to join our older dog and the sheep flock. We reached out to various breeders in the Northeast but none had available puppies, or they were only males. We needed a female.

By the kind suggestion of one breeder we were referred to Susan Beshar-Dedona at AJs Happy Chick Farm in Albany, Vermont. Susan not only had two females but she generously invited us to the farm to check them out before choosing our favorite.

What an amazing place! The animals are definitely loved and well cared for. In the barn we had a chance to visit with the pups and watch their interactions with no hurry to choose. It was a very relaxed visit and we selected a female to pick up in a few weeks.

When we returned for the pup, all paperwork was in a tidy folder for us. All in all, we were impressed with Susan’s knowledge of Maremmas and the quality of her breeding dogs. As it turns out the puppy’s great grandfather is also the father of our older male. The lineage is superb and the coat is thick – perfect for New England winters.

Little Sophia is now a large dog; she is responsive to directions, willing to be handled and groomed, waits for her ‘ok’ on her dinner, and easy to take to the vet. Without a doubt, she has become a valued member of our farm.