Why Finnsheep?

Finnsheep Lambing Starts in April.

Why We Raise Finnsheep

The decision to raise Finns came very easily once I learned about this remarkable breed. I started researching fiber sheep and being a woman of smaller statue, I appreciated their manageable size and loved not having to worry about things like tail docking and dehorning. Their silly personalities, sweet super loving dispositions and luxurious fleece is what won me over and I could not be happier with them. If you are thinking about getting sheep of your own give them a look, having been raising them now for years and for all the reasons mentioned above and below I think they make an excellent homestead sheep.

Finnsheep - A Multi-Purpose Sheep Breed

Finnsheep, originally known as Finnish Landrace in their native land of Finland, first came to North America in 1966. Finns are an old breed, thought to have descended several hundred years ago from flocks in the mountains of Sardinia and Corsica and are related to other Scandinavian short-tailed sheep. They are a highly adaptable, docile sheep of a medium size that do not grow horns. The fleece is soft and luxurious, coming in several natural colors and sought after by hand spinners.

Although not large, the sheep produce a lean succulent meat with a light delicate flavor. Finnish Landrace sheep are also known for being very reliable breeders, excellent mothers with lots of milk and it is common to have a minimum of triplets from each ewe.

On the farm we maintain a flock of 20+ Finns with those numbers swelling greatly during our lambing season.

Ram and ewe lambs are typically available starting April 1st.

Our Finns are bred for temperament, fiber, overall health, and resistance to disease. They are pasture raised using twice weekly rotational grazing all season. Our pastures, hay, and feed are certified organic with Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

 AJ’s Happy Chick Farm is registered with the Finnsheep Breeders Association and available lambs have USDA scrapie tags. All lambs are at ease with livestock guardian dogs (LGD), adults and children.

Those culled from breeding stock make wonderful pet/fiber family members. We love pairing up people with compatible lambs.

Finn Lambs for Sale

Contact us to pre-order a lamb from our upcoming 2023 season.

Bottle babies or weaned lambs in a variety of colors.

Certified Organic lambs available .

Email for more information.

Here at AJHC we have several ewes that birth quads and both Athena and Bastet are known to lamb quintuplets! For this reason, lambing season can be quite an undertaking for both the girls and myself and this year we will be live streaming it this April and May. Check back for the link or join our mailing list for AJHC events and updates and stay up to date with all the goings on at the farm.

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